Our Management Team

Two young thirty somethings, bound together by a misspent childhood of video games, Rocky repeats, 80's classics and a little something called family.  Training Montage is the brainchild of two, young (ahem) 30-something cousins hailing from the sunnier part of Staffordshire.  

We’re driven by a common, insatiable desire of inspiring others to become better at what they do.

Irrespective of our obvious, questionable looks, we are reliably informed that we are related. Despite one of us resembling a Mexican / Iranian / Turkish native. It depends on who he meets.

We were born and raised on a diet of oatcakes (not the Scottish type), quality china, nostalgic football trivia and classical, everlasting family moments.

We’re two educated (moderately), well-travelled, like-minded and honest guys.  

Our paths have trodden various parts of the globe.  Yet home is our moral compass which sets the narrative.  We love to reminisce, impersonate and discuss all things relevant with whoever will lend their ears (usually only our mothers).

Our dubious accents often confuse and baffle.  One thing to clear up straight away - you’ll rarely hear either of us so much as contemplate using the words ‘duck’, ‘youther’, or ‘owd’. Unless we’re mimicking family members.

Between us, we’ve a combination of years of marketing experience working across Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Toronto. It's a bit like New York without all the stuff.

We have both worked for and with marketing agencies generating ideas, marketing strategies, compelling content and commercial success.

After years of working individually, we felt that it was high time we joined forces (think Batman meets Robin, only less lycra) to help even more businesses. 

We’re obsessed with habit stacking, new challenges, learning innovative processes and continually improving ourselves.  

We love to engage, inspire and present our ideas, conversing with anyone whose path we cross.  It’s at the heart of what we do and why we do it. 

We’ve helped businesses (both large and small) from a range of different sectors, to generate ideas to improve strategic performance, market themselves better via social media and written captivating copywriting for audiences far and wide.  

We’ve designed strategies for companies to reach people that they need to and provided the ideas to help motivate them - ultimately, whatever they have needed the most.

We forge strong relationships with the people that we work with, providing solutions that can deliver maximum impact for the long-term. 

Our approach is simple. We look at your vision and view everything from a range of different angles. We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the whole process, in order to achieve the end goal that you want.  

When it comes to doing what works best for our clients, we never get splinters in our asses.

Our business partnerships are always enjoyable, just like they should be and are built upon our core values of trust, respect and effective communication.  We believe that the proof of what we do is in the pudding (providing that our healthy appetites don’t get in the way).

Our ability to engage and interact with those we work with is always evident whilst our energy, inventiveness and enthusiasm always makes us stand out (just take a look at some of our testimonials).  

We coach, train, develop and teach whilst maintaining our own, unquenchable thirst for learning.

So that's Matt and Harvey. So who is Mark?

When Mark heard our idea for building a content marketing agency, he loved it. What we loved about Mark was he'd founded his own successful recruitment agency and would be a great mentor to help us flourish in the business world. Plus he's helped a whole load of people in Stoke-on-Trent get jobs - an area we love.

Once Mark officially became a part of the story, Training Montage was ready to be shared with the world.



Matt Aguilera

Matt is the creative force and visionary of TrainingMontage. 

He's spent 8 years in social media, copywriting and creating marketing strategies for SMEs and corporations.

Matt loves FIFA and hates it in equal measures, collecting retro video games and wondering why he does - and reading about psychology.

Mark Heath

Mark has built his own recruitment agency and helped fledging businesses grow their sales.

He's a family man and when he isn't working hours that Steve Jobs would be impressed with, he is spending time with them.

His favourite way of blowing off steam is getting on his PS4 and playing The Division.


Harvey Buckley

Harvey has been part of the Training Montage concept since the beginning.

He is the guardian of our time and the glue between all our marketing activity.

Harvey's first love is Port Vale and that won't stop. Ever. He's also really into music, particularly 80's electronica.