Why Work With Us?


Look here. TrainingMontage is always, always interested in hearing from creative folk that really fancy working in the marketing industry.

We need salesman who actually like people and can identify people who want to buy from us

Creative people who generate ideas all the time, even if they are just Mortal Kombat fatalities - my God. Just get in touch. Ideas are a currency that we always want.

Are you super organised and get pleasure from seeing things neat and "just right"? Then fantastic. You'll fit right in.

If you can write like you can speak and people laugh at the stuff you say - please, let us know.

Not everyone enjoys selling. Not everyone enjoys organising. Not everyone feels they can be creative.

TrainingMontage, we promise you, is obsessed with finding peoples natural ability and discovering a way of giving your passion a profitable outlet. 

These are our values when it comes to fellow humans. We are creating a happy work environment where a bunch of like-minded folk get to make cool stuff with their mates. 

If it sounds good. Then don't look further at our job specs. Just email matt@trainingmontage.co.uk and you will get a response. Videos or audio introductions are going to get our attention.

Plus, we are writers so a well crafted story will suck us right in.


Our Opportunities

Business Development Manager


Your objective will be to take our leads and make contact with them - discuss the TrainingMontage and find those businesses that like our message. 

You will also generate your own leads and be hungry to introduce our company to others that match our "typical customer profile"

Technical ability you need:

  • Be persuasive without being super pushy
  • Resilience to keep going
  • You actually use Linkedin
  • Talking to people is something you find joyous
  • You have a moderate understanding of buying psychology
  • You love working and creating more opportunity for you



Your objective is to write copy that persuades people to say yes. Or to write content that educates visitors and gives them specific information. 

You absolutely love writing and you read a whole lot. It helps you to come up with ideas and attack your day.

Technical ability you need:

  • You know the difference between content writing and copywriting
  • Your generate ideas seemingly all the time
  • You write how you speak
  • You take risks with your writing and know why you do
  • Headlines... 

Project Manager


Your objective is to organise stuff. Neatly. Then to get our projects delivered to our clients.

Deadlines are your target and you don't miss them. Ever.

Technical ability you need:

  • You don't mind telling people to hurry up
  • You know the difference between an excuse and a real issue
  • You report up easily with simple documents - not detail
  • Creative people and their methods are not a surprise to you

Apply via email to Matt@TrainingMontage.co.uk