We are inspired by hard-working 80's action heroes who needed a TrainingMontage to make their visions come true.

Our lives are dedicated to helping SMEs find a persuasive voice that impacts their visitors.

By doing that, we take away the worry of marketing and concentrate on getting your business more leads.




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Copywriting is the process of writing words that sell. When you take years of experience of knowing what persuades and commit it into words, you produce remarkable results.

Content Marketing

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Creating one piece of well written content that persuades is good. Building a campaign with several pieces of content that are distributed periodically is a lot better. 

What we do


Our services help businesses communicate with their audience better and convert traffic into more sales. This takes a combination of marketing strategies that we have created.


Big words can move mountains
— Sly Stallone

Why content marketing works where others have failed you

No matter what you are selling,  more persuasive content that has great story telling techniques creates more leads. 

There are many black-holes for businesses to fall prey to in the marketing world.

SEO magicians telling you that they can get you to page 1 of Google. Social media arty-types saying that it's all about engagement.

We're not going to tell you that.

TrainingMontage measure success based on an increase of leads and then sales.

Real business goals. 

Not ones that make us look good, while we try and figure out if what we are doing is working.

You know the sort - more irrelevant followers or comments on a blog.

It doesn't matter what you sell. Content marketing is a powerful solution that helps dentists find more patients in Leeds, and Hardware shops find more customers in Stoke.

We are salesmen with keyboards instead of shiny suits

One thought. Your best salesmen know how to sell your product once they are in front of a prospect. 

They talk in a way that almost everyone tries to copy. Most do not succeed. 

They just persuade prospects better than their colleagues - more effectively and more consistently.

Imagine giving a plain content writer the task of writing for your company. Like many others, they'll learns the basics and then write like it was for Blue Peter.

That ticks a box - it doesn't persuade.

Flowery language and careful paragraphs are not how your salesman talk with your prospects.

They identify your prospects needs and detail how your service will help. They passionately tell stories of how their clients have benefited from what you created.

Rapport is built. Needs are met. Sales are made.

When you write a compelling story that's relevant to the right audience, you build trust and you get closer to an online prospect saying 'Yes'. 

That's the TrainingMontage way.

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